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When Fullbucket Health joined forces with the Sundaram development team, they were looking for a long-term partner, experienced with the Magento e-commerce platform, that could support them in all aspects of their growing business. They weren’t interested in a one-and-done firm that would simply produce a website and provide no thought or insight. Given our track record of developing and customizing Magento e-commerce websites, along with our relentless insistence on understanding our Client’s business goals, we were a natural fit.

Throughout the course of our partnership, Sundaram has provided smart solutions ranging from KPI tracking and troubleshooting to custom plugin development. Given our expertise around the Magento e-commerce platform, it’s no surprise that we developed and supported new websites within the existing Magento installation, as well as providing platform maintenance and development. However, Fullbucket Health’s business needs were much more complex than simple e-commerce management. 

Leveraging multiple business systems in their successful day-to-day operations and management, they needed tight integration with third-party CRM, accounting, warehouse management, and marketing management systems. Sundaram worked with Fullbucket Health to ensure that their business continued running smoothly, integrating Shipworks, Brightpearl, and Infusionsoft - much of which required custom plugin development. 

Fullbucket Health continues to turn to Sundaram for support with new marketing initiatives, complex web integrations, and Magento e-commerce support and development. 


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