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Kerry Gray Photography was founded by Kerry Gray, a passionate photographer who strives to create emotional images that tell a story. Kerry uses top of the line photography equipment to ensure that every client will absolutely love their photographs. Kerry believes that capturing great photographs is about creating a comfortable and relaxed environment and connecting with your subjects. Anyone who has ever met Kerry can tell you that she is bursting with bright, vivid character — the qualities inspirationally used for her new website.

Kerry’s website design uses pops of vibrant color with subtle hints of her work in the background. This look makes her photographs stand out as the feature on every page. Our developers used custom fields to make it easy for a busy mother of two to edit her website with ease and efficiency. Her portfolio page consists of a lovely waterfall of photos that fit together like puzzle piece. Custom developed drag and drop functionality in her WordPress dashboard allows her photos where she wants them easily, without having to learn any code. Kerry's content pages are developed in a way to incorporate her photos into her content without having to worry about any missteps so she can put her heart and energy toward her work. 

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