KIPP San Antonio Charter School Website Redesign
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KIPP San Antonio is part of the national KIPP network of free, open-enrollment, college-preparatory public schools dedicated to helping students in underserved communities develop the skills necessary to graduate from college, become community leaders and take control of their future. A college degree is the surest way to break the cycle of poverty, and with 15 schools serving more than 9,000 K-12 students and the KIPP Through College team supporting 3,000 alumni on their journey to and through college, KIPP San Antonio is creating upward mobility that will benefit students and their families for generations to come.

Having formed a relationship with many other charter schools in the KIPP family, KIPP San Antonio enlisted Sundaram to work with them to redesign their old marketing website from the ground up. KIPP San Antonio's old website had outlived its usefulness in terms of technology and usability. An outdated, propriety platform was making it difficult for school leaders and administrative staff to maintain content, and years of patchwork additions resulted in a confusing navigation structure that made it difficult for site users to engage in meaningful, relevant ways.

The Solution

Our discovery process laid the groundwork for what the new KIPP San Antonio site should achieve. The website should be structured to encourage interaction, and present fresh, engaging content. We wanted to make sure that the website presented a clear focus, consistently communicating the mission of KIPP San Antonio in relevant ways meaningful to students, teachers, parents and donors. KIPP San Antonio's website structure and navigation was fundamentally rethought and radically improved giving the website user an opportunity to find and engage with KIPP Antonio content in an intuitive, effortless manner.

As many of the students and parents were dual-language audiences, (and in many cases Spanish only audiences) it was important that those users be able to interact with KIPP San Antonio's content in their native language. Rather than implement an auto-translation feature, that wasn't 100% reliable in regard to English to Spanish translation, Sundaram prioritized content areas, and presented that content in human-translated Spanish.

The Results

KIPP San Antonio's new website exceeded the initial criteria we set out to meet. With content and navigation matched to specific audiences, parents can find what they need quickly, prospective teachers can easily apply for a career with KIPP San Antonio, Donors can support the school, and students can engage with the website in ways that were previously challenging. Upon visiting, site users are immediately presented with the feeling that with hard work and dedication, anything is possible for students who commit themselves to success through education.

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