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Sundaram has had the opportunity to work with Mathys + Potestio on more than one level. As a creative agency, Sundaram has relied on them to bring new creative talent into our growing company. We have watched Mathys + Potestio grow from one location in Portland, Oregon, to locations in Los Angeles and Austin. In 2014, Sundaram worked with Sockeye, out of Portland, Oregon, to develop their all new website. Mathys + Potestio wanted to push the bounds of what a creative staffing agency could look like. With design files produced and transferred to Sundaram for development, we set out to implement a pixel-perfect website, worthy of accolades for years to come. Congratulions, M+P — you have succeeded in being the creative agency that folks like us want to work with for a long time to come, and your website reflects your out of the box values and creative spirit.

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