National Center for Youth Law Case management system
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The National Center for Youth Law needed a web-enabled system to improve efficiency. The system needed to empower child case workers to update notes and other key information from the field, while also allowing administrative staff to view and edit case data, run reports, and create and assign new case to case workers. 

Rather than reinventing the wheel by creating a proprietary platform and spending money unnecessarily, Sundaram leveraged the Drupal 7 platform as our starting place. Not only did Drupal meet all of NCYL’s business requirements, it’s open source nature meant that it was extensible and customizable to meet their current and future needs. Sundaram utilized pre-existing and custom written Drupal modules to achieve streamlined case management. Finally, we customized the administrative and frontend theme to ensure a user friendly user interface, while also minimizing the training time required to effectively learn the system. 

In the end, Sundaram built a secure, scalable, and easy to use system, allowing hundreds of case workers and administrators to manage cases more efficiently.

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