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Fitlife Brands approached Sundaram in need of an experienced e-commerce partner. At the time, two of their most popular product lines, NDS Nutrition and PMD Sports, were combined in a single e-commerce website. Unfortunately, this no longer met their brand goals; they wanted a separate branded website for each product line without complicating product management. In the process of separating the websites, Fitlife Brands also wanted to re-imagine the design so that it better reflected their brand. 

Sundaram began with a thorough planning phase to tackle all of FitLife Brands' needs in a logical and organized manner. Meeting with key stakeholders to gather information on their existing pain points, design ideas, and needed features, we developed detailed wireframes that captured their vision, while also addressing their e-commerce platform concerns. In the end, we recommended Magento as their platform, since it would allow FitLife Brands to have multiple sites on a single install while offering cutting edge functionality. Not only did this provide them with a central point for product and order management, but accounted for future growth since there were plans to update several other product line websites in the future. 

Today, PMS Sports benefits from the robust features and centralized product management that the open-source Magento platform offers. Sundaram created a new, elegant design that matched brand persona, and, as their needs change, the new e-commerce platform offers the open-source flexibility to customize functionality to meet their specific needs.  

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